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First: We are proudly Military Peteran (Veteran) owned. If you are not pleased with a photoshoot’s photos there will be no cost. We will also refund your initial deposit. Here at Pawsing Prints we strive to satisfy our customers. We jump through hoops to take quality photos. Our specialties and the ones we wag our tails for are kids photography, pet photography, and nature photography. Extra Stuff: In addition to Jacksonville Photography, we provide other options to paws your memories, such as cards and mugs. If you have any other requests, toss them to us and we will see what we can do. Involvement: Check out our events page to see how we can bring our paws together to help and interact with the community. Also, as a partner of Overwatch Media, LLC; we commit to donate at least 1% profits to supporting the community.
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Military Veteran  Owned